Bookmarks to all things headless

   - The current main Steinberger website.

NS Design
   - The home for Ned Steinberger's new creations.

LaBella Strings
   - Former maker of the 'official' Steinberger double-ball strings for guitar and bass.

   - Another recommended maker of high quality calibrated double-ball strings for guitar and bass.

   - Online source for double-ball end strings. Sells singles as well as full sets.

Big City String Company
   - Another excellent online source for double-ball strings at wholesale prices.

   - Steinberger fans who decided to offer high quality replacement parts including bass jaws and headpieces.

Peekamoose Guitars
   - Gibson authorized repair for all Steinberger graphite and wood instruments.  Highly experienced in graphite neck refrets.  Also builds custom instruments and their own line

Status Graphite
   - Known for their own brand of graphite instruments, they also sell high quality double-ball strings that fit 'berger basses..  Notable for "always in stock" flat-wound and half-round versions. 

   - The official EMG website.
  Contains detailed technical information and options.

ENC Media
   - Graphic design company
that created all of the logos and most of the literature during Steinberger's innovative history.  They've shared a vast amount of documentation to this site.


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A big thanks to the many Yahoo! Group members who submitted photos, scans and other information.

Special "Thank You's" to. . .

. . .the man who started it all -- Ned Steinberger.  We've all enjoyed playing and been inspired by his creations.  His personal guidance, insight, assistance and technical support have been invaluable.  You can see his current work with his new company, NS Design.

. . .to the Yahoo! Groups forum, especially the active members and those who've been with us from the beginning.  The journey of discovery we've all shared has provided most of the information for this site.  Those who've contributed know who you are.

. . .Stu Staley at ENC Media.  His previous graphics work for Steinberger Sound (and his knack of saving everything!) have provided an exceptional reference foundation for this archive.

. . . the former employees of MusicYo,  They were enthusiastic and proudly carried the banner when the brought back Steinberger from the ashes.

. . .Paul Schwartz at Peekamoose Guitars.  His extensive & expert knowledge of Steinberger maintenance and repair have been crucial over the years.

. . .Henry Zajac at HAZ Labs.  Henry has been an invaluable resource for information and details about the electronics inside these instruments, and NAZ still makes replacement boards to this day.

. . .Rob Turner at EMG.  Rob has provided great insights and technical pointers about the EMG products featured in most Steinbergers.  

. . .Debbie Orsland.  She was the last official Steinberger employee and stayed on with Gibson for another decade.  She graciously helped us by getting us in touch with the right people when we started here.

. . . Hap Kuffner, former Partner and VP of Sales for Steinberger Sound.  Hap still works with Ned, providing international sales and production support for Ned's new instruments.  He's been a key contact and has shared some great stories from the old days!

. . .all of the former Steinberger managers & employees who've shared their knowledge, thoughts, information and stories with us.

Final thoughts. . .

Nothing of this size and scope could be created by only one person.  It's truly been a group effort to discover, re-discover, organize and publish this wealth of knowledge. Without everyone's help and contributions this site wouldn't be what it has been and will be.  

But you know, in a pinch I'd happily take the credit anyways!

Andy Yakubik