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Active electronics supplier for Steinberger Sound

HAZ Laboratories was founded and is owned by Henry Zajac.  Zajac graduated college with a degree in Engineering, and shortly after started his career in 1972 with Musictronics.  There he worked in both Engineering and Quality Control.  The company was an innovator of what (at the time) were leading edge effects units.  The most notable of these was the Mu-Tron, first heard in 1972 creating the 'wah' effect on the bass line for Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground".  Flea used the same effect for the Red Hot Chili Peppers' 1989 cover version.

Though in their heyday the company's products were highly inventive and generated a great deal of interest, not all of their creations were entirely successful - mostly due to technical and production limitations of the time.  This coupled with several other events (notably a company buyout) prompted Zajac to leave and start his own company.  HAZ Labs was born.  Today they produce a wide variety of electronics and components, most of them directly for instrument manufacturers.   

It's interesting to note that some time after Musitronics eventually went under, HAZ bought the rights to the Mu-Tron.  They currently produce a new version on this unit, which can still be heard in current music from acts like the aforementioned Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Lenny Kravitz.   

The relationship between Steinberger Sound and HAZ Labs started with a phone call from Ned in the early 80's.  A short time later they were developing and producing all of Steinberger's electronics.  They went on to produce some of the passive and almost all of the active guitar and bass boards for Steinberger from the early/mid 80's through the end of production in 1998.  That includes the Newburgh and the Gibson/Nashville years.

Henry and Ned's relationship continues to this day.  HAZ makes the electronics for the electric bow instruments (upright bass, cello, viola & violin) Ned has created through his new company, NS Design.

Because they helped design the electronics, HAZ Labs has rights to and still manufactures & sells new Steinberger active electronics for both guitar and bass.  These units are identical to the version last used in production in 1998.  

Since the Steinberger factory is no longer in production they also offer repair for older, non-warranty boards (for a fee of course).  If you contact them regarding an older defective board it's important that you have critical information about your current board before calling.  There are two numbers on any HAZ circuit board: one in printed silver solder/foil, the other hand written in black marker.

Bottom of a new HAZ active dual tone knob bass board highlighting the two numbers

These numbers allow HAZ to determine when these were made, and even trace what exact components were used.  For newer boards they can often replace individual resistors, pots, etc.  For earlier ones the exact parts used are many times out of production, and purchasing a newer board is often the only (and sometimes a wiser) option.  The do sell new boards direct; call for current pricing.

HAZ Labs is officially supplying the active EQ units for the new Steinberger graphite neck, and is tagged to do so for the graphite neck basses to be re-issued in 2003.

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