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Saturday, May 08, 2004

We've finally fixed our blog problems and updated the news events over the past 8 weeks. Will try to stay on top of the developments a bit more, especially with NAMM and our event coming up
Posted by andyyak 5/8/2004 09:54:49 AM

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Even though the online poll showed anemic interest, we're going to take the plunge and piggy-back with the Vintage Kramer guys for their event on Saturday evening. It's likely MusicYo will be doing some kind of sponsorship, and sharing this event has far more updsides than downsides. Not the least of which is that they're doing all the planning ;-)

I will be bringing many instruments from my collection to exhibit as well as memorablilia, catalogs, etc. I'm also planning to bring my laptop w/ DVD player so guys can watch the videos we've collected. I'll also have the entire formal web site on it for viewing. If anyone else is coming to the show, please let me know. It'd be nice if some others could bring some of their colelction as well. It'd be pretty boring with just all my stuff. MusicYo has also commited to bringing over some instruments as well.

NS Design will not have a booth at the show, so Ned originally wasn't planning on coming down. However Gibson has "requested his prescence" in Nashville (mostly for the new line) and when I mentioned our event he said he'd likely to make the trip. If that's the case he'll definitely be at the Staturday event, and hopefully be able to show off the new line personally. I've also talked to several other former Steinberger employees who'll likely stop by as well. Also discovered they've got WiFi in the hotel, so we might try to arrange some kind of an online chat with Ned for those not attending in person.

Know that the Kramer guys had a successful inaugural show last yea. We're proud and pleased to be a part of things this year.

Click here for the official announcement for our invitation

Click here to go to the official Kramer Konvention website.

They do have a block of rooms set aside. So if you can't find lodging elsewhere they've still got rooms available. As we get closer to this (mid June) I'll be getting more info from those perhaps attending and releasing more details about our plans.

If you've thought about joining us consider this - since the hotel is near the airport you could always get a cheap Southwest Aitlines flight in on Saturday morning, take the hotel shuttle to join us and fly out again Sunday afternoon. It's a thought. . .
Posted by andyyak 5/5/2004 11:31:23 AM

Friday, April 23, 2004

One of our Japanese members (thanks Haruto!) discovered a Japanese producted documentary on Steinberger and sent me a copy. Produced sometime between 89-92 from what I can tell. It was part of a series called "American Guitars" and features an in-depth interview with Ned, another int'v with Reeves Gabrels, and some facinating shots of the Newburgh factory in action. If youve ever wondered how the XL's and GL's were made, it'll make much more sense after viewing this. The narration is in Japanese (anyone want to transalte it for us?) but all the interviews are in English.

Stu Staley from ENC Media was kind enough to convert the DVD into optimized QuickTime segments for us, and I've posted them to the video section fo our site.

Click here to go to the video download page:

We've only got one site available for video downloads (thanks again rev!). So if anyone has some high bandwidth server space they could share I'm sure everyone would appreciate it. Again high bandwidth is key - download traffic is brutal and we'll need something more than personal space from an ISP account.
Posted by andyyak 4/23/2004 09:52:48 PM

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Here's the latest official news from MusicYo:

NEW LINE -> Things are progressing. However it's not certain that everything will be in place for a Summer NAMM debut. Supposedly it won't be much after that though. We'll know more as the show edges closer.

I've still been talking about that get-together with the Kramer guys. That will likely happen, and MusicYo has agreed to "sponsor" it in some way. I asked that if the new line isn't ready for an official NAMM roll-out but is close to prime time, would they consider debuting it at our Saturday night Kramer/Steinberger event. They indicated that's a real possibility. And though NS Design will not have a booth at the summer show, Ned is likely coming to Nashville at Gibson's request. If he does he's agreed to attend our event. Must say it'd be nice to have the new product there for him to talk about and show everyone personally.

USA PRODUCTION -> Everything has pretty much ground to a halt in the last month or so. The bottle-neck is bodies. Though they've got TransTrems in (and have ordered more S-Trems from Zen-On), they can't get bodies (or get enough of them fast enough) from Gibson. Seems like Gibson proper would just rather not deal with these and the low volume. So much for things being easier keeping it in house.

On the plus side some Epiphone staff re-discovered a vendor that previously supplied bodies to Steinberger in Nashville. Hopes are to get production rolling again through these guys. Though a smaller supplier they should be able to adequately handle Steinberger USA needs and/or volume. They do poly finishes to boot so ash XQ's may be back from the grave. It's likely XQ basses will be their first test, with solids exclusively in a first small order. This shop indicated they can do all the trans finishes, as well as the custom bent maple caps for the unbound GM's. Officially MY has said it may be 3-4 months before product shows up. I'll be keeping a close eye on developments with this.

They're also considering offering a GLB-2T now that they have enough TT's. Again this is once the body situation gets resolved.

PARTS -> Korean made parts are on order and should arrive next month. Yes this is the same shipment we've been waiting on since Xmas. Don't know all the reasons for the delays. Confirmed this order includes R-Trems, string adapters, gearless tuners & TT tools.

Though they did order S-Trems from Zen-On (anticpated arrival early June), they did not order any more bass jaws. The plan to do so in the future but nothing is ordered at this time. Inquired about a bulk order from our group, hoping it might move things along. That idea went nowhere.

SPIRITS -> Sales continue to be strong. Basically all based on inventory and availability and they seem to be keeping a semi-regular supply. More of the hot selling platinum GT's are on order. No new developments or offerings are planned.

SALES -> Overall it's been good. Again Steinberger sales have officially overtaken Kramer and remained on top. That's with all the supply problems with the USA line, but Kramer has had supply issues on the USA side as well.

That's all for now. More news when updates are warranted.

Posted by andyyak 4/22/2004 01:56:30 PM

Saturday, April 17, 2004

MusicYo is currently offering a coupon on Spirit instruments:

Dear Preferred Customer,

For ONE WEEK ONLY is offering $70 off the Steinberger GU7R Custom Electric Guitar!

Quantities are limited so act now to ensure you get the best selection!

Coupon Code: X223A-8GU7R

Expires: 4-22-2004 at 11:59 CDT

Thanks, and we'll see you online.

Limited time offer available only while supplies last.

Posted by andyyak 4/17/2004 07:45:56 PM

Saturday, March 13, 2004

MusicYo is still trying to get some GMT's built out and up on their website. There's talk of including TransTrems on both Newburgh bound GM's and the newer GLB's as well. We won't be getting many updates on this, so be sure to check their site often for product availability if you're interested in buying one.
Posted by andyyak 3/13/2004 04:50:26 AM

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The long-awaited shipment of TransTrems from Japan has arrived! They've posted several for sale individually in the Steinberger parts section on MusicYo,
as well as building out several GM7TA's so far. More TT equipped guitars in different colors & configurations should follow in the upcoming weeks. 

Click here to visit the MusicYo website.
Posted by andyyak 2/25/2004 06:47:16 PM

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