This page is a collection of past marketing materials for and reference sources on Steinberger products.  It includes catalogs, brochures, sales fliers, advertisements, magazine features, books and other relevant historical items and mentions.  The majority of these were created for Steinberger Sound by Stu Staley of ENC Media, and he's supplied original high-quality scans for them whenever possible.  We've also noted the creation/publication date if known.

Some of these items are quite large, so please be patient when downloading them.  If you have any items not listed here that you can share, please contact us through our Yahoo! Groups forum.

Video Clips

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Most of Steinberger's notable history was before the desktop publishing revolution.  So most of the catalogs were produced by the pre-PC "mechanical" layout form, which was then photographed for each page.  Because of the time / effort / cost to do this the company often reused catalogs from year to year (only updating the retail price sheet) or made minor changes to existing layouts.

Retail Price Lists

Brochures, Fliers,  Announcements & Dealer Literature

Black & White Magazine Ads

Color Magazine Ads


Periodical Features, Interviews  & Reviews

These items are either announcements, mentions and reviews of Steinberger products, or are interviews with noted Steinberger players.  The interviews often feature great detail about their instruments and how they utilize them.

Special thanks to Yahoo! Group member Paul Walsh for all of the UK publication scans. 

Book Features

Miscellaneous Items