Recommended places to buy instruments

The all-graphite L series are no longer being produced and haven't been since 1998.  We are unaware of any plans for Gibson/Epiphone to resume production of these.

For new graphite instruments, online retailer MusicYo is the sole authorized source.  They currently offer the GM & GR guitars, and a limited selection of XQ basses.  

The all wood Spirits are also exclusively sold through MusicYo.

The new Synapse line of instruments are exclusively sold through online retailer Musician's Friend.

There are several excellent online sources for used instruments, with eBay topping the list and Harmony Central a distant second.  Check in often to see the selections these sites offer.  We also recommend watching them over time - this will give you a good idea of what's available and what the general price ranges are.  This insures you pay fair market value for any instrument you're interested in.

Also be sure to check out our sister Yahoo! Groups site.  Members often post them for sale there first.  They also let members know about items found in music stores and other "local" places.

Preferred online auction / sales sites:

Harmony Central
Bunny Bass (Be sure to also check out their "Amusing Basses" section.  Hilarious!)

If you you know of any other excellent sources we should add to list, please us through our Yahoo! Groups forum.